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Emotional FREEDOM Techniques

EFT beginners manual

A free, informative manual to start you on your EFT journey

By: Larry Burk
Source: – October 2012

EFT goes mainstream - The tipping point


Free Brilliant Audio link with speakers Penny Croal, Karl Dawson and Gary Craig amongst others.

Getting specific with EFT

EFT and Anger

Stacey Vornbrock’s article on Mastering the emotion of anger

EFT – Before and after photo’s - blood

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What's your ACE's score? (Adverse childhood experiences) Free test

What's your score?

This is the home for EFT Tapping … the source … the place where the integrity of this popular, Universal Healing Aid (in use by millions) is maintained and improved with cutting-edge refinements.

Gary Craig- Founder of EFT

An interview with David Feinstein
By: Interviewed by Jessica Ortner, ‘The Tapping Solution’

EFT - The science and research behind it

Articles from the press and from experts on Energy Psychology

By Nick Ortner, Creator and Executive Producer ‘The Tapping Solution’
Source: 17.03.2012

Breakthroughs in Energy Psychology-A new way to heal the mind and body

By: Brendan D. Murphy
Source: , Aug-Sept 2013 Nexus issue

The promise of Energy Psychology Modalities

Meta-analysis of energy psychology studies finds these methods have a real effect.

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Article by Dawson Church

Fixing the EFT  article - Wikipedia

Scientific studies and reports on Energy Psychology

Journal of Traumatic Stress Disorders & Treatment

Beyond Trauma Treatment- EFT for treating PTSD

David Feinstein, PHD – 2012

Acupoint stimulation for treating psychological disorders: Evidence

Clinical EFT as an evidence-based practice in the treatment of psychological and physiological disorders. 

Dawson Church: August 2015

Results of a UK pilot study

Anthony Stewart, Elizabeth Boath, Angela Carryer, Staffordshire University
Ian Walton, Horseley Health Medical Centre
Lisa Hill, Sandwell Primary Care Trust
Diane Phillips, Swadlincote, West Midlands UK
Karl Dawon, Studley, West Midlands, UK – 2013

Can Matrix Reimprinting be effective in the treatment of emotional

conditions in a public health setting?

A pilot study to explore if Emotional FREEDOM Techniques (EFT) can reduce anxiety and enhance academic performance in University students

E. Boath, A Stewart and A Carryer Staffordshire University – April 2013

Tapping for success

Studies confirm tapping eases emotional, physical and performance issues. 

Source: – August 2013

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Donna Eden Energy

Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine Donna Eden Energy Medicine

Alkaline Food Chart

427 foods classified PLUS the full guide to getting alkaline & living an energised life…the easy way

Alkaline Food Chart

AAMET International - Governing body EFT

EFT Stress project for veterans

EFT official public FB group

EFT Register - Doctors and Hospitals using EFT

News and press

Huffington Post - EFT for childhood trauma and PTSD

Telegraphh - EFT and energy psychology

The Oprah Magazine - Energy EFT psychology

Psychology Today Blog - EFT can dissolve bad memories and trauma

ABC News - Whoopi Goldberg gets tapping to overcome flying! (video)

Mail Online - NHS to use EFT

Huffington post - EFT goes mainstream

Channel 5 Live - EFT for a spider phobia

First for women - Harvard Medical School - research into EFT for the relief of stress, anxiety and more

DC Practice Insights - Empowering patients with EFT

Gabor Mate MD - EFT Radio - Finding freedom from your painful past Podcast

Matrix Reimprinting

Dr Bruce Lipton PH.D- Re programme your subconscious mind.

Matrix reimpriting - by Karl

Matrix Reimpriting demo anxiety and stress

META Health

META Health Academy

Dr Wayne Dyer and Dr Bruce Lipton PHD You can heal yourself pt 1

Dr Wayne Dyer and Dr Bruce Lipton PHD You can heal yourself pt 2

Breast Cancer and META Health

Gabor Mate - Guest speaker at the Matrix Reimprinting World Summit - Addiction,stress and disease-News Interview

Good reads

When the body says no - The cost of hidden stress- Gabor Mate

In the realm of hungry ghosts - Close encounters with addiction - Gabor Mate

The biology of belief - Dr Bruce Lipton

Energy medicine - Donna Eden

You can heal your life - Louise Hay (Hay House)

The power of Now - Ekhart Tole

The four Agreements - Don Meguel Ruiz

The Devine Matrix -Gregg Braden

The Secret - Rhonda Bryne

Dying to be me - Anita Moorjani

Waking the tiger - Healing Trauma - Anne Frederick/Peter A Levine

The way of the peaceful warrior- Dan  Millman

In an unspoken voice - Peter Levine

Rewire your anxious brain - Catherine Pitmann

Change your thoughts, change your life - Dr Wayne Dyer

Disclaimer -  As a non-medical practitioner, I do not diagnose, treat or cure any mental/physical illness or disease or replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care professional. The information on this website is for educational purposes only and is an exploration of the mind-body-soul, within the field of the techniques in which I'm qualified and the spiritual experience and opinions I hold.