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Updated: Jan 31

As a child with an old soul, it can be hard for them to resonate with children of their own age and they will often favour the company of older people over their peers. They will have returned to the physical plane and will already have an advanced understanding of life and have experienced many learnings from previous lifetimes. Having this knowledge and wisdom at such a young age can leave them feeling like an outcast, as they find it hard to make friends.

As an old soul growing up, there are times when they can greatly misunderstood. Friends, peers and adults can perceive a child as being shy or skyward, troublesome or challenging. An old soul can be viewed as a ‘loner’ because they can struggle to relate to others, and often prefer their own company. On a conscious level, it can be difficult to support or explain the reasons behind why they think, feel and react the way they do, and in a way that they can comprehend. If this is the case, taking the time to reach out to them on a subconscious level is an effective way to offer support and reassurance that they are ok.

You can talk quietly to them, whisper, or even connect through thought sitting next to them while they sleep. This is a time when their higher self can be accessed, and communication and reassurance can take place. For any child that is struggling for any reason and needs guidance, love and understanding, this is a beautiful way to connect with them.

Rest assured, as children with old souls mature, they gain a greater sense of what’s going on and things do calm down. In the meantime, reaching out to them while they sleep is one way of helping them along.

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