Your Journey begins here

To start our journey together, you just need to book your Complementary Awakening Call with me, which usually takes place online.  If we decide we are a good match and go on to working together, we will usually continue to meet and have sessions in this way.  I do however, see local clients face to face at various locations, so if you are local to me, please ask!

 How I work

I am a fully trained, qualified member of several governing bodies and a fully insured practitioner and therapist. My way of working combines a selection of new age, holistic techniques and tools that connect the mind, body and spirit, providing a whole-istic approach towards mental and spiritual wellbeing.   Having used these techniques myself, to release trapped emotions, heal from emotional trauma, and move through the journey of spiritual awakening, I can speak from my own experience.

As an Energy Psychologist, techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT - Tapping), Matrix Reimprinting and META Health Analysis make up the core of my work, however everyone is different, so I always tailor my support sessions based on what you need.  As a spiritual Teacher, I also combine my own spiritual intuitive guidance with the above techniques.


 About Me

My name is Sharon Clark, I'm an Energy Psychologist, Emotional Wellness Coach and Spiritual Teacher.  Growing up, I was highly sensitive to the emotions and energy of others.  Even though for many years I didn't know it, I took on the thoughts and feelings of others as well as my own.  It wasn't until I reached later life, that I learnt to know the difference between the two, and be able to do something about it.  Holding on to trapped emotions is overwhelming and draining, but as I started to explore my sensitivity to emotion, I realised I could channel this ability in a positive way, supporting others to process and release their own thoughts, feelings and emotions.  


My previous professional career was within youth mental health and wellbeing and has spanned more then a decade.  Alongside my professional career, I studied the mind-body connection, energy psychology and expanded my knowledge over several years, before qualifying as an energy psychology practitioner, mind-body therapist and emotional wellbeing specialist. Our mind and body has the innate ability to self-heal, but sometimes the right support and guidance is needed.


On the flip side, before I was even 12 years old, I was already well aware that there was more going on then just this physical world.  Growing up in a family with a history of mediumship and spiritual gifts, I became familiar with spiritual and psychic experiences and concepts very early on.  It was my own spiritual awakening however, that really triggered my mediumship and spiritual intuitive skills. 


How blessed am I, that I can tune into my clients energies and emotional state, empowering them on their journey towards mental and spiritual wellness.  This is a gift I give to others.

I have come to know that the answers we seek are within us all, we need only ask.  This is what I offer to my clients, the time and space to start to believe in themselves and their own intuition, and supporting them to find the answers and solutions that promote emotional health and wellbeing. 

 Please email me with any questions

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Disclaimer -  As a non-medical practitioner, I do not diagnose, treat or cure any mental/physical illness or disease or replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care professional. The information on this website is for educational purposes only and is an exploration of the mind-body-soul, within the field of the techniques in which I'm qualified and the spiritual experience and opinions I hold.